Our School

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Brandon Middle School is to provide a challenging, supportive, caring, and safe environment that promotes academic and physical excellence for lifelong learning.


Brandon Middle School opened as Brandon Junior High School in August 1978 with Charles A. Atkinson as the first principal. In the early 1980s, Brandon was the second largest public school in the state, behind only Green Run High School. The opening of other middle schools have reduced overcrowding and we now educate just under 1200 students, evenly divided among the three grade levels.

We are culturally diverse: 40% Caucasian, 39% African-American, 9% Hispanic, and 9% Asian and Pacific Islander. In addition, 9% of our students identify themselves as being of more than one ethnicity.

Brandon offers a variety of academic and extracurricular programs to meet the needs of our students, including multiple special education programs. As well, we offer programs for the gifted and for English as a Second Language students. After-school activities include clubs and intramurals as well as chances to compete interscholastically, both in athletics and in academics.In addition, we over Pop Up Classes that meet once to allow students to try crafts and activities that teachers want to share. Over 80% of our student body is involved in at least one activity.

Before- and after-school tutoring is offered in core subject areas. Activity buses are available to take students home after activities.